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Sandbar Flooring and Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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    Choosing high-quality flooring really makes a difference for your home. It adds a gorgeous touch to your home aesthetic and gives you something to feel proud of. So, you should be seeking out the finest flooring options available to you and doing everything that you can to keep them at their very best. And, for that, there is no better team for you to call than ours, at Sandbar Flooring and Refinishing. The leading flooring solutions anywhere in Dayton, OH, you can always count on us for fine home flooring.

    About Us

    For many years now, our team has been bringing our local residential clients the premier assortment of flooring solutions. Our talented professionals understand the huge difference that great flooring can make and we want to help as many people realize this difference as we can. For us, quality and craftsmanship are everything and so, we take great care to deliver the most exemplary standards on every task. And, if you decide to place your faith in us too, we can assure you just the same for your flooring.


    We offer the most complete range of flooring installation and flooring restoration services anywhere in town. As the leading team of flooring contractors, we feel it our duty to do more for our clients and we work hard to continue to achieve this each day. So, whether you are looking to make a new artificial or hardwood flooring installation, or you would rather refurbish your existing flooring, you can count on our team to help you do it every single time. All you need to do is give us a call about your unique needs and we’ll tailor you a solution that helps to give your flooring the highest standards.

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    Hardwood Floor Refinishing

    While hardwood flooring is no doubt high-quality, it can start to deteriorate over time. After aging and wearing, your hardwood floors can become weaker, softer, and drained of their rich, natural tones. But that doesn’t mean that you need to go spending your money on a replacement. Instead, you could trust in the skills of our experts to refinish your floor, at Sandbar Flooring and Refinishing. Our hardwood floor refinishing services are guaranteed to bring the best back to any installation and will be the most cost-effective way to rejuvenate yours.

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    Wood Floor Repair

    Aside from our wood floor refinishing service, we can also help you out with your needs for wood floor repair. Nothing is worse than seeing your floor blemished with cracks, chips, dents, and splintering as these are both unsightly and unsafe. So, if you ever notice any of these kinds of problems with your wood floor, you know that you need to be giving us a call. We can find a fix for any damaged wooden floor and in no time at all, we will no doubt be capable of restoring yours.

    “I can’t thank the team at Sandbar Flooring and Refinishing enough. With their help, I was able to restore my tired-out wooden floors and revitalize them with a fresh new aesthetic. They’re stronger and brighter than ever before and I couldn’t have achieved have done it without Sandbar Flooring.” – Michael F

    Hardwood Floor Installation

    But it isn’t just our wood floor repairs that are top-notch; our hardwood floor installation services are just as good, too. If you plan to introduce a new wooden floor to your home, we are always the best team to call. At Sandbar Flooring and Refinishing, we make use of some of the finest hardwoods available and can design and install your floors for the most affordable prices around. So, whenever you need hardwood floor contractors to take care of your hardwood floor installation needs, you can always trust us.

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    Engineered Wood
    Floor Installation

    However, if you are looking for something more affordable than hardwood but with the same great looks and durability, you are going to want to consider engineered wood flooring. The perfect balance between real wood looks and long-lasting durability, engineered wood floors truly are state-of-the-art. And, when you come to us for them, you can expect to be delivered a superior product in every way. We can provide the highest class of engineered wood flooring installation and provide you with a product that you can rely on for decades to come.

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    “Sandbar Flooring and Refinishing are a very professional team of flooring contractors, that really understand their craft. The work they did on my cedar flooring was premium and clearly shows their attention to detail.” – Penelope A

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    Laminate Flooring Installation

    Or, if you know that you are in the market for something affordable and low-maintenance, perhaps our laminate flooring options are better suited. Laminate flooring is a great way to introduce clean, no-fuss styles into your home flooring. And, being available for some of the most affordable prices in flooring, it is an option that everybody can take advantage of. So, if you think that laminate flooring is ideal for you, make sure that you aren’t settling for less and come to us, at Sandbar Flooring and Refinishing.

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    Vinyl Flooring Installation

    Perhaps the most common material used in flooring today, vinyl is cheap and reliable. It is a no-nonsense flooring product fit for any home, ideal for your living room, bathroom, kitchen, and every inch of space in between. But not all vinyl is made the same and you certainly wouldn’t want to end up with an inferior product by choosing the wrong company. So, be sure to seek out your new vinyl floors through us and be certain that you have the very best.

    “The guys at Sandbar Flooring and Refinishing gave me a super low price to fit my vinyl flooring. I don’t think I could have fitted such a high-quality installation for such a low price if it wasn’t for them.” – Helen M

    Contact Us Today

    So, the next time you are considering doing more for your flooring and giving your home the very best, you know that we should be your first port of call. That is why you should pick up the phone today and speak to one of the members of our team about what we can start doing for you in the way of premium flooring services.