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Hardwood Floor Installation

someone measuring the wood

Everybody can agree that when thinking about the finest flooring options you can choose for your home, hardwood flooring comes right at the top. There simply is no better material that you could use throughout your home, no matter your priorities. Quality hardwood flooring is going to give you gorgeous aesthetics, high durability, and a long-lasting solution for you to enjoy for many years to come. You just need to make sure that your team of flooring contractors are just as good quality and that is why, if you plan to install new hardwood floors, you need to come to us. At Sandbar Flooring and Refinishing, we offer leading custom solutions on hardwood floors, using the finest products. All you need to do is let us know what your preferences are and you can trust us to take care of the rest.

Custom Hardwood Floor Installation 

Whenever you trust us for a new hardwood flooring installation, you can have your choice over exactly how it is done. We want to bring the very best to each of our clients and we understand that that means something different for everyone. So, to ensure that you have the very best hardwood floors for your home, you can take your pick over the style and design until you are completely satisfied. Our capable designers will compile each of your requests into the final design and then, we can deliver you your perfect new floors.

Types of Hardwood 

There are many different kinds of wood that you can use for your floors and our team wants to bring the ideal kind to each of our clients. That is why we are glad to say that we have various choices on offer, with some of the finest cuts of wood available to our customers. Whether you are looking for solid oak, deep walnut, luxe cherry, or reliable cedar, we can source it for you and apply it to your perfect new hardwood floor fitting.

Finishing and Staining 

Of course, no wood is going to be able to do the best job on its own and that is why it is so important to have your floor properly finished. Every cut of wood needs to be sanded down to the same level, stained with an appropriate wood stain or lacquer, and sealed so that it lasts for many years to come. Our team understands just how important this is and that is why we use the very best finishing products available to leave every new wood floor in the most suitable condition.

Reasonable Prices 

Above all else, the reason why you should be coming to our team for your new wooden floor installation is that we offer the most reasonable prices anywhere in town. No other company is going to be capable of providing such high-quality cuts of wood nor custom installation for the price that we can. So, if you care to get more from your next wooden floor fitting, you know that you need to be coming to us.

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