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Vinyl Flooring Installation

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Perhaps the most common and most diverse flooring material found in American homes today is vinyl. By far one of the most reliable and affordable choices when it comes to your floors, you simply cannot go wrong with the material. You can take your pick of the aesthetic that you want and even mimic that of usually more expensive materials such as stone and tiling while maintaining the durable and low-maintenance nature of vinyl. And, when you decide to get your new vinyl floor fitting provided by us, at Sandbar Flooring and Refinishing, that can be all the more so. We offer some of the highest-grade vinyl floors anywhere in Dayton, OH and we would be glad to deliver them to you. Just give us a call and explain your needs for vinyl flooring and we could happily take care of the rest.

Custom Flooring Installation

Everybody has a different need for their flooring and our team fully understands this. We want to ensure that each of our customers is completely satisfied with the installations we make for them and so, we take it upon ourselves to offer fully custom design on each of our fittings. When you trust the installation of your new vinyl floors to us, you can choose the style, shape, and spacing that you want, so that you are supplied with the perfect new flooring for you.

Range of Aesthetics 

Furthermore, there is no doubt that the most important customization you need to make to your vinyl flooring is the aesthetics. With vinyl, the options really are endless and there is no other kind of flooring that can offer you as diverse of a range of appearances. You can decide whether you want to introduce the look of sandstone or slate tiles into your kitchen, wood grain slabs to your hallway, or even imposter tiling for your bathroom. Whatever it is, you can find it in vinyl and know that it will look sleek and effective.

High-Grade Vinyl 

One thing that we can promise to all of our clients is that whenever you come to us, you can expect the highest quality products. Our standard of vinyl flooring truly is the best and that is down to the high-grade materials that we ensure we are exclusively using. We work hard to source the very best available from leading manufacturers on the market so that we can bring every one of our clients top-notch fittings. So, if you are looking for the most durable, most stylish, and longest-lasting vinyl solution, you know you’ll find it in us.

Affordable Prices  

And for these same high standards of quality, you can always expect to pay the lowest prices. Our team wants to bring all of our clients better flooring for less and so, we are always happy to do the job for a price that will leave you blown away. We really give the most bang for your buck at Sandbar Flooring and Refinishing and so, you know we’re always the best team to call.

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